Wrongfully Convicted.  Wrongfully Incarcerated.

Kris Helton has the privilege of meeting with Tony Dungy, Michael Vick, Dan Patrick, and Peter King!

Posted by on May 27, 2014 at 2:30 PM

When Abe Brown Ministries visited Avon Park Correctional Institution, Kris Helton had the honor of meeting Tony Dungy, Michael Vick, Dan Patrick, and Peter King. After Kris explained his plight, Coach Dungy said, “I’ve heard about wrongful convictions like yours.” Vick quickly added, “A lot of guy say they’re innocent, but you sound like the real deal.” Patrick advised, “If you’re really innocent, you’ve go to keep on fighting because somebody, somewhere will listen, although it may take awhile.” “Yeah,” added King, “somebody’s going to do something for you someday, I’m sure of it.” To see photographs of the visit, please check out our photo gallery!

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Reply Edouard Daladier
3:11 PM on August 5, 2014 
Monica Lewinsky would be a brilliant choice! I guess the big question is whether or not she would even be interested in helping freeing an innocent man like Kris Helton? But with a good moral compass, I believe that she would at least consider helping out in some way . . . Someone needs to reach out to her to gauge her interest. Does anyone here know how to contact her?
Reply Cesare Medici
3:14 PM on August 5, 2014 
I have no idea how to contact Monica Lewinsky but I agree with everyone else that she would be quite the catch for a nonprofit group like this. Indeed, this lady is very intelligent, blessed with the kind of intellect which lands you a highly-coveted internship in the Whitehouse in Washington, DC (at a relatively young age) and which allows you to obtain a prestigious degree in England (when you are trying to fly under the proverbial radar). Plus, she is beautiful, well-spoken, and has a certain amount of media savvy which could make all the difference in the world when it comes to freeing Kris Helton for a crime he did not commit!
Reply Kris Fargo
3:19 PM on August 5, 2014 
Are you some kind of agent trying to promote Monica Lewinsky! Just kidding! I know you guys are just brainstorming and trying to point out all of the good reasons why we should pursue this lady! Does anyone want to share any reasons why we should not pursue her? I think the shameful media circus surrounding Monica and Bill Clinton is just a tiny little speck in the rearview mirror as she boldly travels into the future, including the one in which Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner for Democratic nomination for President in 2016. What do you guys think?
3:22 PM on August 5, 2014 
If anyone should be ashamed of anything, it should be our American media! They unjustifiably crucified Monica Lewinsky, making this fine young lady appear to be something she was not. I am confident Monica can do anything she wants with her life. She will be more than welcome to join this group in at any capacity in which she feels comfortable. After all, Monica might not want to have anything to do with a group like us because unless you have a family member or friend in jail or prison, sitting there wrongfully convicted (many times through the exact same American media which damned her into obscurity for so many years), it takes a special kind of person to get involved with trying to free the innocent. Monica will need more than good looks, an ability to speak, and a high IQ to help free Kris Helton: She will need balls!
Reply Kris Fargo
3:34 PM on August 5, 2014 
You are right! Monica Lewinsky will need balls to help free an innocent person like Kris Helton! But I think she has them! Look at how strong she has been over the years . . . and that definitely takes some balls! Many other people would have folded up their tents and went home, becoming a recluse or hermit! Still, Monica does not have to tote the whole load for this group, i.e., she could take a lesser role, just helping out here and there, maybe even just submitting a photo of herself holding up a Free Kris Helton! sign, but that is something you and her would have to figure out if you can somehow find her.
3:36 PM on August 5, 2014 
At my advance age and with very limited computer skills, I am certainly not the best candidate to seek out and actually find Monica Lewinsky! Perhaps one of our supporters can help me make contact with her? If so, please let this young lady know that she can reach me by simply sending an email to I would love to hear from her. I am sure there are many ways she can help us free Kris Helton. She has to be comfortable, though, and our group will do whatever it takes to make her feel like family.
Reply Alexis Sieyes
3:44 PM on August 6, 2014 
The results of a simple Google search ought to get you the contact information for Monica Lewinsky. You also may want to inquire whether she will support our boycott of the Florida Keys and Key West. So far, I have not seen any celebrities promoting it through social media, although we do have a lot of views of the boycott video posted on
Reply Kris Fargo
3:25 PM on August 7, 2014 
Right on!
Reply Kris Fargo
9:54 PM on August 30, 2014 
The number of celebrities beginning to follow this non-profit group is very, very encouraging! Of course, we already had thousands and thousands of people throughout the world following us on Twitter (117K+), Facebook (31K+), and Google+ (3K+)! Thousands and thousands of people have also viewed and liked our YouTube videos (8K+)! Our presence on social media is absolutely incredible!

With all of this support, we are hopeful that Catherine Vogel, State Attorney for the Sixteenth, Judicial Circuit, in and for Monroe County, Florida; the Hon. Donald M. Middlebrooks, United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida; the Clemency Board for the State of Florida (the Hon. Rick Scott, Governor; the Hon. Pam Bondi, Attorney General; the Hon. Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer; and the Hon. Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture); the Florida Commission on Offender Review (Tena Pate, Commissioner/Chair; Bernard Cohen, Jr., Commissioner/Vice-Chair; and Melinda Coonrod, Commissioner/Secretary); and Congress (the Senate and United States House of Representatives) will do whatever it takes to free Kris Helton for a crime he did not commit!

Indeed, I think we can all agree that when an individual, like Kris, presents what the federal courts have repeatedly found to be ?inviolable? and ?persuasive? proof of his or her innocence, he or she should not remain incarcerated for the rest of his or her life -- or even be executed -- for a crime he or she did not commit just because his or her attorney failed or neglected to comply with some purely procedural technicality! See Steve Marshall, On Deadline: What others are reporting, Late legal filings a matter of life and death, USA Today, Mar. 13, 2009, at 3A (reporting that the Houston Chronicle ?said defense lawyers failed to meet federally mandated filings for six inmates who were subsequently executed and that three [other] inmates lost their federal appeals because of botched filings?).
Reply Andrea Simpson
3:39 PM on October 31, 2014 
I hope more celebrities will visit with Kris Helton!
Reply Ranjit Singh
12:46 PM on November 6, 2014 
I?m sure Kris Helton will have lots of opportunities to meet with other celebrities after he is released from prison.
Reply Shawna Singletary
1:39 PM on November 25, 2014 
I'm a little bit disappointed Tony Dungy, Michael Vick, Dan Patrick, and Peter King haven't set up shop outside of the prison, demanding Kris Helton's release!!! Something like that would definitely put some pressure on the authorities to release Kris!!!
Reply Betsy King
1:52 PM on December 5, 2014 
Tony Dungy, Michael Vick, Dan Patrick, and Peter King should meet with Kris Helton once again after he is freed!
11:09 AM on January 2, 2015 
We all know Kris Helton wants to reach out to Tony Dungy, Michael Vick, Dan Patrick, and Peter King after he is released to thank them for coming to visit him in prison! Indeed, it takes a lot of courage to step inside a place like that!
Reply Kris Fargo
11:43 AM on January 2, 2015 
Yes, Kris Helton has a lot of people to thank, especially those guys! And kudos to Michael Vick for having the guts to step voluntarily walk back inside a prison to motivate and inspire so many others!
Reply Summer
4:01 PM on May 12, 2015 
I'm sure that Kris wants to meet Tony Dungy, Michael Vick, Dan Patrick and Peter King again . . . after being freed!
1:14 PM on May 13, 2015 
That is a given.

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