Wrongfully Convicted.  Wrongfully Incarcerated.


No less than five judges, state and federal, have found that Kris Helton was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder because an "inexperienced" assistant public defender, Gerod Hooper, failed to investigate and present jurors with "inviolable" and "persuasive" proof of his innocence.  Even so, he remains wrongfully incarcerated in a state prison just because another attorney, Mel Black, failed to ensure a timely filing of his federal habeas petition (a purely procedural technicality unrelated to the merits of his ineffective assistance of counsel claim against Hooper).

We believe that this is fundamentally unfair!  Even Senator Patrick Leahy, a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has written, "As a former prosecutor, I know that nothing presents a greater risk of convicting an innocent person than an incompetent lawyer.  Far too often, defendants find their lives in the hands of underpaid court-appointed lawyers who are inexperienced, inept, or uninterested."

Please sign this petition to help family members, friends, and other supporters use the immense power of the people and social media to free Kris for a crime he didn't commit.  Simply enter your name and e-mail address in the appropriate boxes below.  You don't have to be a member of this website to sign!  However, you must enter a brief message explaining why you believe Kris should be freed (most people say something like, "I believe Kris Helton should be freed because he’s innocent!").  Then carefully enter the required validation codes in the very last box.  When you're done, click the "Post Comment" button.  Thanks for your support!

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Reply Carol Ann Straughan
7:01 AM on November 17, 2019 
Please free Kris Helton
Reply Sheila spurlin
4:37 PM on September 27, 2019 
Please free kris Helton! He has been locked up unjustly!
Reply KelSteave
11:51 AM on July 31, 2019 
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Reply Dave Luckens
2:31 PM on September 16, 2018 
proceduralism has its place,but 27 plus years is 7 years longer than albert speer ,hitler's minister of armaments served for prolonging ww2 for a year and a half through the employment of slave labor.let him go home
Reply Kim T
7:09 PM on February 28, 2018 
FREE my brother! He is a great guy that should not be in there at all.
It?s about time to let him go and have a life.
Reply Sofie
7:30 PM on February 23, 2018 
FREE KRIS HELTON!!!! What a corrupt system!!!
Reply Patrick J Mcguigan (CT)
3:12 PM on October 12, 2017 
I support the campaign to have Kris Helton released.
Reply Leila L McGuigan
3:05 PM on October 12, 2017 
give kris his freedom - shame on US!
Reply Dr. Fiona E McGuigan (Sweden)
3:03 PM on October 12, 2017 
Mr Helton should be released now
Reply Dr. Sean P McGuigan
3:00 PM on October 12, 2017 
Free Kris! Shame on FL! Shame on USA!
Reply Ms C I Ulyanov-McGuigan, SRN
2:57 PM on October 12, 2017 
This is a disgrace! free Kris!
Reply Alexander M McGuigan, Esq
2:48 PM on October 12, 2017 
The conviction of Kris was a miscarriage of justice, his continued detention is an obscenity!
Reply Tara rolleri
10:33 AM on September 26, 2017 
Kris helton should be released
Reply Lindsy Mickey
6:31 PM on September 24, 2017 
Free Kris Shelton!!
Reply Cassandra Clements
12:01 AM on September 17, 2017 
Every day that Kris Helton remains wrongly imprisoned is beyond oppressive. It is blatant tyranny and anyone who doesn't see it is out of touch. Be the positive change our country needs and set him free!
Reply Joanna Burbacher
5:20 PM on August 14, 2017 
Free Kris Helton he innocent!
Reply Traci Eccles
1:29 PM on August 2, 2017 
This has become epidemic in our nation. The incompetence of attorneys along with corruption at the local level results in innocent men and women spending their lives behind bars. The damage to families, our society and general morale is immeasurable. Release Kris Helton on the basis of actual innocence!
Reply Tara Gilliam-Wilson
8:24 PM on July 14, 2017 
Justice for Kris Helton
Reply lisa deaton
8:59 PM on June 12, 2017 
Free Kris Helton...
Reply Vera Cracknell
7:08 AM on June 7, 2017 
Free this man, you know he is innocent.
Reply Chrissy Mcdonald
12:51 AM on June 7, 2017 
I believe Kris Helton should be freed because he is innocent.
Reply Charlene Meeks
11:49 PM on June 6, 2017 
What an injustice! Please do the right thing and free Kris Helton.No innocent person deserves to have their freedoms take away for something they didn't do.These wrongful convictions have to stop!
Reply Christina Braseel
11:01 PM on June 6, 2017 
Do the right thing!Don't hold Kris Helton in prison for someone else's mistakes.
Reply Joy Cuellar
10:55 PM on June 6, 2017 
June 6 2017 Best of luck
Reply Joy Cuellar
10:54 PM on June 6, 2017 
June 6 2017 Best of luck
Reply JoAnn Rowe
9:09 PM on June 6, 2017 
Free Kris Helton
Reply Kate
12:44 AM on June 6, 2017 
This madness has to stop- to many innocent people are behind bars Set them FREE!!!!!!
Reply Alicia Forbit
2:35 PM on June 5, 2017 
I believe Kris Helton shoule be freed because heis innocent.
Reply Mona
11:23 PM on June 4, 2017 
Kris should be free. There are to many innocent people incarcerated on because of bad attorneys.
Reply Lynda Willis
10:29 PM on June 4, 2017 
Five judges found Kris Helton was wrongfully convicted yet he is still in jail!
Reply Vera Cracknell
3:41 PM on June 4, 2017 
Free this innocent man... you are violating his human rights.
Reply Lisa Mars
3:07 PM on June 4, 2017 
An accused places their very life in the hands of the person designated to represent them in a court of law. Life in prison is a very real consequence of ineffective assistance of council-and everyone but the wrongly convicted gets to go home at night and resume their lives. Failure to require consistent, competent, capable representation by counsel and prosecutors have created a nationwide failure of our justice system. It is time for those that are wrong and have wronged the innocent to stand up and be accountable for their actions. Admit your shortcomings and do the right thing. Free Kris Helton
Reply Lacinda Jaynes
2:34 PM on June 4, 2017 
He has received a ruling by a judge of a wrongful conviction. He should be released. He is innocent.
Reply Kaylene Canfield
12:22 PM on June 4, 2017 
Please don't let a punish continue that isn't warranted and at this point appears to be due to "professionals" inability and pure lack of doing their job.
Reply Dawn
12:18 PM on June 4, 2017 
He is innocent send him home!
Reply Yazmin Carvajal
11:41 AM on June 4, 2017 
FREE KRIS!!! He deserves to go home
Reply Anne Stendel
11:35 AM on June 4, 2017 
Please release Kris!
Reply Beth Montgomery
11:32 AM on June 4, 2017 
Free Kris!
Reply Justine Smith
9:37 PM on June 1, 2017 
Free Kris

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